Podcast, 2019

Hosted by e-flux co-director Julieta Aranda, the podcasts focus on some of today's most important issues and address art, politics, environmental action, and gender disparity. The podcasts bring together the voices of highly respected experts and thinkers such as Benjamin Bratton, Kodwo Eshun, Coco Fusco, Stefanie Hessler, Otobong Nkanga, Trevor Paglen, and Lucia Pietroiusti, among many others, who jointly reflect on how art addresses issues including how to tackle and reduce the artworld’s carbon footprint, the challenges of being an artist and a mother, the persistence of the surveillance states, the emergence of new nationalisms. The first episode, The Carbon Footprint of Contemporary Art, with Catherine Bottrill, (Head of the Creative Green Programme, Julie’s Bicycle), Lucia Pietroiusti (Curator of General Ecology, Serpentine Galleries), Andrew Stramentov, (Founder and CEO, Rokbox, London) and moderated by Chris Hampton, (freelance journalist) is available now.

Recorded during Art Basel's Conversations series in June 2019, the podcasts will be available on and as well as on Spotify and Soundcloud. A new podcast will be released every Friday, on a weekly basis, from September 27 onwards.

The series also represents the global launch of art-agenda’s podcasts. By bringing people and ideas closer through the sharing of oral accounts, art-agenda’s podcasts further expand its global engagement with contemporary art and criticism beyond the screen and the written form.

Hosted by: Julieta Arranda
Editing and Sounddesign: Elena Zieser
Recordings: Teddy Coste

Produced by Art-Agenda in collaboration with Art Basel, 2019.