Listening in 2020

In diesen Zeiten will ich trotz allem meine aktuellen Projekte mit euch teilen. Es gibt viel zu hören, hauptsächlich Podcast und Hörspiele. Die Premiere der Theaterproduktion Patentöchter musste leider auf Mai verschoben werden, sobald ein konkreter Termin feststeht wird es hier zu auf der Website Informationen geben.
Solange könnt ihr euch hier den Trailer anschauen:

Mein Hörspiel HELENA wird am 2.April 2020 in voller Länge bei Deutschlandfunk Kultur gesendet.
Es ist die deutsche Ursendung und wer es noch nicht gehört hat, kann gerne zuhören ab 22:03 Uhr und danach online als Podcast Angebot.

Außerdem gibt es jede Menge neuer Podcast Projekte, bei denen ich für Schnitt und Sounddesign verantwortlich bin:

PHENOMENAL OCEAN - A podcast series produced by the Art Institute and TBA21–Academy.

The recordings for the following podcast have been made in Venice during TBA21–Academy, The Current II, Summer School and Convening #2 both led by Chus Martínez.

Can what is necessary be pleasurable as well? Can a radical transformation, following the principles of feminism, anti-racism, and anti-fascism eventually be easier than we think and closer than we expect?

The Current II, Summer School #2 was a week-long workshop with students from the Art Institute in Basel and The School for Curatorial Studies in Venice. The workshop focused on the appropriation of the topic Phenomenal Ocean through texts, body work, art, discussions, and meetings with different protagonists, activists, and artists on site.

Followed by The Current II, Convening #2, a day of ideas for a new ocean language in response to the IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate, presented by TBA21–Academy. Led by Chus Martínez, Expedition Leader of The Current II, the second of three annual Convenings exploring the theme “Spheric Ocean.”

The Summer School and the Convening were both located at Ocean Space in Venice, a venue that has as its primordial aim to enhance—through a dialogue between art, science, advocacy, and activism—the process and the demands of becoming Earth.

To this process belongs not only action and a sense of urgency, but also philosophy, art, and defining culture, so that it encompasses scientific thinking and analysis, political thought, community concerns, and justice in all its complex forms.

Listen to PHENOMENAL OCEAN on the website of the Art Institute, Apple Podcast or where ever you get your podcast.

MUZEUM SUSCH will provide you with an insight to their current exhibitions as well as their library:

ECHOLOT – A podcast series produces by Muzeum Susch and Art Stations Foundation CH.

An Echolot, or sonar, is an instrument transmitting sound waves into the water and measuring the time interval between emission and return of the pulse to determine the depth of water. The connection of sound and time and the aspect of measuring, i.e. making sense, serves as its underlying concept.

The first episode of ECHOLOT is BIG BANG from the series THE MAGICIANS OF THE MOUNTAIN - this episode features Aleksandra Mir imagining an artist and a scientist sitting on a train where a conversation ensues about objective realities, space exploration, negative space and belief.

And last but not least, PROMISE NO PROMISES will be releasing new episodes soon on their last symposium WOMEN ON EARTH.

As a sequel to Promise no Promises! and Women in Space, the third symposium at Art Institute was dedicated to Earth, its ideas, its spin, its possible dark futures. These symposia, moderated by Chus Martínez and Quinn Latimer, are a series of public events within the framework of the Women’s Center for Excellence, a long-term research project initiated by the Art Institute, together with Instituto Susch, a joint venture with Grażyna Kulczyk and Art Stations Foundation CH.

Unfortunately the Symposium WOMEN IN MOTION is postponed until October 2020 due to the current situation.

Stay tuned and stay healthy.
There is more to come soon, I will keep you posted.

To be continued...



Lots of stuff happening in the near future:

(English version below)

Das Klang-Theater-Stück „IWEIN LÖWENRITTER“ von Felicitas Hoppe ist wieder im Spielplan von Theater Mummpitz, vom 11.01.-19.01.2020. Es ist eine Geschichte über Ritter, Löwen, Liebe und den Immerwald. Sounddesign ist von mir! Karten gibt es auf der Website des Theater Mummpitz, Trailer gibt es hier.

Anfang Februar ist es wieder soweit: zum 11. Mal findet das PANOPTIKUM FESTIVAL in Nürnberg statt. Vom 4.-9.01.2020 gibt es mehr als 20 Stücke aus Deutschland und Europa zu sehen. Mehr Informationen gibt hier.

Innerhalb des Festival präsentiere ich eine neue Arbeit von mir, in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Theater Mummpitz: Glückliche Orte, eine O-Ton Collage über glückliche und teilweise geheime Orte in Nürnberg, erzählt und zusammengetragen von Kindern aus Nürnberg. Mehr Infos gibts hier.

Außerdem sind neue Podcast-Folgen online:
MAGICIANS OF THE MOUNTAINS im Podcast-Feed PROMISE NO PROMISES. Eine Reihe von Kapiteln zu DISPUTAZIUNS SUSCH, einem jährlichen Konferenzprogramm der Art Stations Foundation CH und Grazyna Kulczyk:

Im Frühjahr 1929, kurz vor der Weltwirtschaftskrise und dem bevorstehenden Absturz, findet in Davos die Cassirer-Heidegger-Debatte statt. Ernst Cassirer spricht sich für ein breiteres Verständnis der Menschheit aus, sein Gegenstück ist Martin Heidegger und sein Relativismus. Die Suche nach einer universellen Wahrheit treibt eine „kontinentale Kluft“ (Peter E. Gordon) oder „Weggabelung der Philosophie“ (Henning Ritter) an und nimmt die bevorstehenden großen philosophischen Debatten vorweg. 90 Jahre später, in Susch, 40 Minuten von Davos entfernt, wiederholten wir in Zeiten der Desorientierung, Desillusion und radikalen Bewegungen die Frage, die die historische Debatte auslöste: Was ist es, menschlich zu sein?

News zu allem, was im März passiert folgen bald, ebenso wie die Möglichkeit sich für Newsletter anzumelden!

In diesem Sinne, Frohes Neues und ich glaube 2020 hat viel vor



The theater-sound-play “IWEIN LÖWENRITTER” by Felicitas Hoppe will be presented again at Theater Mummpitz from the 11th to the 19th of January. It is a story about knights, lions, love and lots of traveling. Sound design is by me! The piece is in German, but if you're in Nürnberg please join us, there is so much to explore, so bring eyes and ears. See the trailer here.

Also in Nürnberg the Panoptikum Festival takes place from the 4th to the 9th of February. It's a wonderful Theater festival with productions from all over Europe. Find more information here.

The presentation of a new work by me in cooperation with Theater Mummpitz will take place at this years Panoptikum Festival. It is a short audio collage about happy and hidden places in and around Nürnberg as told by children from Nürnberg. More info here.

Also there are new Podcast episodes online: Find the MAGICIANS OF THE MOUNTAINS in the podcast feed PROMISE NO PROMISES. These new episodes feature a series of chapters from Disputaziuns Susch, an annual conference scheme hosted by Art Stations Foundation CH and Grazyna Kulczyk:

In spring 1929, just a glimpse before the Great Depression and the Great Crash to come soon, the Cassirer-Heidegger debate takes place in Davos; Ernst Cassirer pulls his arguments for a broader conception of humanity, his counterpart is Martin Heidegger and his relativism. The quest of a universal truth drives a ‘continental divide’ (Peter E. Gordon) or ‘Weggabelung der Philosophie’ (Henning Ritter), anticipating major philosophical debates to come. 90 years ahead, in Susch, 40 minutes away from Davos, once again in times of disorientation, disillusion, with radical movements on the rise, we were repeating the question that led the historical debate: What is it to be human?

News about everything going on in March and April coming soon - including a newsletter option…

All the best and hear you soon.




The beautiful Sisters Akousmatica broadcasting live from Hobart:
Moonah Community Radio temporary community radio station at Moonah Arts Centre, Tasmania, produced by radio queens Sisters Akousmatica

The four-week radio transmission broadcast new radio art commissions, live and pre-recorded community content through workshops and selections from an international open call (more than 100 submissions!).

HELENA is one of them and will be broadcasted on Thursday 5 December between 1100 - 1500 AEDT. To make room for ad hoc community participation, which is at the core of this project the schedule is unable to be more specific.

Locally you can tune in to 97.1FM
Or stream at www.mixlr.com/sistersakousmatica

Moonah Community Radio is supported by Moonah Arts Centre, REAST ( Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania), Regional Arts Tasmania and the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.



New episodes online!
Listen to WOMEN IN SPACE, a two day symposium about women in the artworld moderated by Chus Martínez and Quinn Latimer. It took place at the Art Institute HGK FHNW in Basel and thematized the roles of scale, space and power in envisioning women in the art system: Space is an issue for everyone, yet, it has specific resonance for those who make exhibitions and run institutions, and for women in general. How we move through space, how we claim it, how we narrate and thematize it, how we fund it, how we labor in it, how we construct and deconstruct it. Subscribe to the podcast and get the next episodes about WOMEN ON EARTH soon!

Sounddesign and editing by me.


Heute gibt es HELENA beim SRF2 zu hören, entweder im Radio oder im Livestream unter folgendem Link

Danach noch für 30 Tage zum anhören auf der gleichen Website!


Today is the day: HELENA is gonna be broadcasted in Switzerland SRF2, 8pm

Join in on your oldschool radio or via livestream or listen to it for 30 days after tomorrow online on same website!



HELENA wins at PRIX EUROPA and left me speechless on stage!
Thanks you all for appreciating this work and since I could not say it on stage thank you to Niklas Kammermeier, Bettina Wiehler and the one and only Hella Vahl.
Without you HELENA would not exist!

Also a massive thank you to Nathan Johnson, Sebastian Van Vugt, Susann Sitzler, Simone Müller, Bettina Ostermeier, the Gostenhofer Gesangsverein, Raha Emami Khansari, Nathalie Singer, Astrid Drechsler, Kristin Herziger and everyone that help to create this Hörspiel.


This is my first post on my new website. Very exciting stuff is going on.

HELENA is nominated for PRIX EUROPE 2019 for the Category “Digital Media Rising Star”, join me for the presentation in Potsdam on 8th of October 2019.

Also HELENA will be presented in Switzerland soon. On the 19th of October you can tune into SRF2 on your radio or online to listen. The audio play will be available on the SRF website after it has aired.

Listen to the new episode of CONVERSATIONS: Episode 03 "Between Production and Reproduction — Career and Motherhood in the Artworld", recorded at this years ART BASEL in Basel, a collaboration between Art Agenda and Art Basel, on Apple Podcast, Soundcloud or where ever you get your podcasts from. I did editing and sounddesign and parts of the interviews.

There are also new episodes of the PROMISE NO PROMISES Podcast about to be aired. Subscribe to it HERE and get the latest news and episodes. Also find out about WOMEN on EARTH, a two day symposium at Institut Kunst at FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel, that is happening this week in Basel, podcast will follow. http://institut-kunst.ch/we-explore/gender/#women-on-earth